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The Bloorcourt podcast highlights various initiatives by the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area that services the Bloor Street West neighbourhood of Toronto between Dufferin and Montrose. Show subject matter ranges from best practices for business, lifestyle and wellness, art and history of the neighbourhood, city design and planning, local restaurant recommendations and news about the area. Hosted by Arthur Geringas and Meghan Marshall and produced by the Bloorcourt BIA via an innovation grant from the City of Toronto.


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Mar 18, 2021

Life On Bloorcourt - Chris Caira from the Maker Bean

Hosted by: Arthur Geringas & Meg Marshall
Recorded & Edited by: Arthur Geringas & Telejet Studios
Featured Guests: Chris Caira

Chris Caira joins Arthur and Meg for a conversation about a unique business in the Bloorcourt neighbourhood - the Maker Bean Cafe.

The Maker Bean Cafe hosts creative technology camps to engage your kids & teens! Topics include Robotics, Inventions, 3D printing & laser cutting. Chris is an M.B.A. graduate from the University of Toronto with both start-up and corporate experience. After 10 years in management consulting, he & his wife Lorraine founded The Maker Bean Cafe. The Maker Bean's philosophy revolves around creating a warm, welcoming environment in which guests connect, learn and collaborate using creative technology such as 3D printing and laser cutting. The Maker Bean currently has 2 locations: the Ontario Science Centre and 1052 Bloor Street West!

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