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The Bloorcourt podcast highlights various initiatives by the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area that services the Bloor Street West neighbourhood of Toronto between Dufferin and Montrose. Show subject matter ranges from best practices for business, lifestyle and wellness, art and history of the neighbourhood, city design and planning, local restaurant recommendations and news about the area. Hosted by Arthur Geringas and Meghan Marshall and produced by the Bloorcourt BIA via an innovation grant from the City of Toronto.


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Oct 26, 2020

Episode 2 - "Life in Bloor"
​Show Notes

Hosted by: Arthur Geringas & Meg Marshall
Recorded & Edited by: Arthur Geringas & Telejet Studios
Featured Guests:  Chris Caira (The Maker Bean Cafe), Dan Rice (local Bloorcourt resident)
Guide to this Podcast
  • 1:20 -  Introduction to Life in Bloorcourt
  • ​3:55 - A Moment with Our Chair
  • 10:30 - Learn About Microgrants 
  • 13:23 - Discussion on the Streetscape Masterplan
  • 15:32 - Literature as Art 
  • 19:45 - Chat with Chris Caira from The Makerbean 
  • 29:50 - Chat with Dan Rice  - Local Resident 
  • 38:05 - Bloor Street Bustle - How to Support Local 
  • 56:10 - Bite of Bloor ft. Coo Cafe Bread or Rice 
  • 57:48 - Bite of Bloor ft. The Black Horse 
  • 59:05 - Bite of Bloor ft. Bloor Court Cafe
  • 1:00:24 - Bite of Bloor ft. Madras Masala

Links and Information to Topics Discussed in the Podcast

Names of Businesses Mentioned in the Podcast:
  • ​Paradise Theatre
  • The Piston Bar
  • The Comedy Bar

City of Toronto BIA Office official website:

City of Toronto BIA official email:

Microgrant Program
The Events and Activations Microgrant Program is to embrace, showcase, and celebrate art, talent, and businesses within our community that will benefit the business area and make Bloorcourt a move coveted, exciting, and destination place to live and visit.

​Bites of Bloor

Coo Cafe Bread or Rice - 1049 Bloor St W
Available for delivery on Ritual 

The Black Horse - 928 Bloor St W 
Available for delivery on Door Dash

Bloor Court Cafe - 201 Delaware Ave
Available for delivery on Uber Eats. 

Madras Masala - 796 Bloor St W
Order online directly through their website

Bloorcourt Scavenger Hunt 

How many telephone booths do we still have in the neighbourhood? Considered old technology to some, they still exist and work! Take a walk in our neighbourhood and note down all of the locations of where you see them. Bonus points if you take a selfie with one in the background! 

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