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The Bloorcourt podcast highlights various initiatives by the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area that services the Bloor Street West neighbourhood of Toronto between Dufferin and Montrose. Show subject matter ranges from best practices for business, lifestyle and wellness, art and history of the neighbourhood, city design and planning, local restaurant recommendations and news about the area. Hosted by Arthur Geringas and Meghan Marshall and produced by the Bloorcourt BIA via an innovation grant from the City of Toronto.


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Feb 17, 2021

Episode 3 - "Stronger Together"

Hosted by: Arthur Geringas & Meg Marshall
Recorded & Edited by: Arthur Geringas & Telejet Studios
Featured Guests: Annabelle Bernard  (Sistering),  Michelle Palmer (Pause Beauty)

Guide to this Podcast

  • 1:20 -  Introduction to Stronger Together 
    • Diversity
    • 3:30 - Art of Bloorcourt
      • Socan that Dufferin Grove Neighbourhood has one of the highest density of artists 
  • 12:32 - Chat with the Chair - Antonia Yee 
  • 40:20 - Interview with Annabelle Bernard from Sistering 
  • 52:30 - Tips on De-Escalating a Situation 
  • 66:30 - Interview with Michelle from Pause Beauty
  • 87:10 - Discussion on How To Care For One Another 
  • Bite of Bloor 

Links and Information to Topics Discussed in the Podcast



  • Advocacy - Property Tax burdens for commercial property owners
  • Parkettes
    • Refer back to Episode 2 
  • Planters 
    • Include a picture
  • Bike Rings 
  • Improvements to the Garbage Cans 
  • Social Service Agencies 
    • Houselink - Houselink provides permanent affordable housing, supports and programs to enable people with mental health challenges to stay housed, connected, healthy and in charge of their own lives.
    • Sistering - Sistering is a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.
    • CONC (Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre)
  • The World in Ten Blocks 
  • Benches with “Hello” - photo 
  • Jane’s Walks 
  • Poems - Gianna Patri, Ann Michaels, Al Moriz, 
  • Gianna Patriarchial 
  • Storefront Theatre - did plays from various time periods in front of theatres 
  • Ann Ball
  • Dufferin Mall - Horse Race Track 
  • List all of the old theatres in the area
  • The Hurly Burly 
  • The Comedy Bar 
  • Innovation Grant 
  • Sistering 
    • Domestic violence rose during the pandemic 
  • Tips on De-Escalating a Situation 
    • Ask for someone’s name - shows that you are genuinely trying to connect and shows respect  
      • Give your name 
    • Respect personal space - making sure there is an “exit” for the person to leave 
    • Use a non-threatening and non-verbal behaviour 
      • Might be more sensitive to non-verbal body actions
    • Re-Direct challenging questions 
      • Re-Direct their attention to the behaviour at hand that is 
      • Don’t engage in a power struggle 
      • “You voice is quite loud - it would be safer 
      • Note why you are asking someone to leave 
    • Setting Limits
      • Provide clear, forceable limits 
      • People may not alway sbe able to immediately  self-regulate or self de-esccalate themselves 
      • Will call the police as a final strategy
      • Helps to 
    • Choose wisely on what you will assist upon 
      • Consider what is negotiable or what you can provide
      • If there is something generous that you can do, offer it to them i.e. offer them a coffee or drink to take with them 
      • Have a candy bowl so that people can take a free candy and feel the need for them to take something 
  • Harm Reduction 
    • Become a practice in Vancouver in 2001 
    • Having a safe disposal for harm reduction materials is a huge help 
  • Sistering Fundraising Contact 416-926-
  • CAMH 
  • SAD Disorder


Names of Businesses Mentioned in the Podcast:

  • ​Paradise Theatre
  • The Comedy Bar 
  • Sistering 
  • Pause Beauty
  • Hard Feelings 

Bites of Bloor